Quilting for 15 minutes a day

I read on someone else’s blog that if you practice quilting for 15 minutes a day for two weeks you will see remarkable improvement, so I’m going to take the challenge. I decided I would quilt “real” quilts, rather than practice on some random pieces of fabric. I went through my UFO (that is un-finished object) bin and pulled out three pieces that have been there longer than I care to admit. They are in that bin for a reason, this one just seems particularly unappealing to me. What was I thinking? If I am going to be able to complete this challenge, I need to organize a few projects at a time, do a good pressing job, get a batting and backing ready and get them pinned for quilting. I am determined to use what I have on hand, so I pieced the batting together for all three of the tops, I found a small backing that was floating right at the top of the heap, and proceeded to proceed. I decided the only way this is going to work is to match the quilting thread to the background. I have quilted the star and the three flowers on this one, and I spent way over 15 minutes working on it. custodia rinforzata iphone 6 It became so much fun that I didn’t want to move on to anything else. I’m not fantastic at quilting, but I know I’ll improve. custodia iphone 6 apple nera The hardest thing for me is to choose the quilting design. Now when I look at quilts in books, I zoom in on the quilting.

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