Sunbonnet Sue

I have been having trouble getting motivated to get much done. It has been so hot, iphone c custodia even with the air conditioning on I don’t feel very productive. custodia iphone 6s silicone doppio I started putting the sashing on Sunbonnet Sue. custodia porta iphone I think it is going to be really cute in the end, I’m trying to decide now about the outside border, maybe adding a little strip of blue, custodia metallo iphone 7 plus then more white around the outside. What do you think? There are 42 blocks in it, so it will be BIG. That’s nice though, it will perform beautifully as a bedspread. custodia iphone 7 divertenti (Oh,

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  1. Dee says:

    I was confused since I know your palette pretty well. I did a sunbonnet years ago from oprhan blocks for my niece, Jessica (placed on point with an hour glass alternative block). They are cute and very nostalgic.

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