Cooking while quilting

Lately we’ve been making a lot of our meals in the crock pot. This one is the little one called “Crockette.” We’ve put a small pot roast in it with an onion, some carrots, a bay leaf or two and cabbage if we have it. We fill it up to the top, put the lid on and walk away. It does a nice job in about 8 hours, but sometimes we want to speed up the process. custodia iphone 7 a portafoglio Do you know how to do that?

You put a little cozy on it!! This one was made from a 1927 cutter quilt, I cut a strip the circumference of the crock pot plus 1/2″ and draw a circle 1/4″ larger than the body of the crock pot all the way around. Sew the long strip, ease in the circle and hem the bottom. custodia iphone 7 scritte Voila! I think Laura Pinney (whose name is embroidered on the quilt) would be happy to help out in the kitchen. iphone 5s custodia impermeabile The little cozy raises the temperature in the crock pot a few degrees and cooks the food faster. The other day I put a roast in at 10:00 and it was perfectly done by noon. The juice makes wonderful soup.

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