Free wrapping paper!

recycleSee what it says on the Warm ‘n’ Natural label? Please Recycle! OK, OK. I get this stuff by the roll, custodia memoria iphone 6 and the paper is so nice and clean and craftsy on the back side, I just love to use it for gift wrap.DSC04624And since thread is cheaper (and cuter) than tape, custodia iphone 6s radiazioni I sew the packages shut.DSC04625Some of them got adorned with a red button.DSC04628And if the paper is too small to cover an object–sew two lengths together! DSC04629Then put all the fun brown paper packages into a box and send them to the lucky family.

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2 Responses to Free wrapping paper!

  1. Sue Winkel says:

    Love it Pam I think I will try it. Merry Christmas

  2. Amber Bastian says:

    Ooh, Santa’s sleigh – tracker said it’s supposed to arrive today. So so excited!!

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