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Another day of Random Sewing

OK, the cat got it’s head sewn on. I was tempted to leave it without clothing, so I moved on to another project and just let it hang around a while in the buff. By the way, I stuffed it with wool clippings and scraps. It is pretty heavy for it’s size and has a good weight. It also has a cute belly that helps it sit really well.   … Read More

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Dress Day

One of my favorite things about being a fiber artist is that I can switch it up every day. custodia anker iphone 6 iphone 5 batteria custodia custodia subacquea iphone 8 A friend of mine invited me to go through a pile of fabrics and help myself. iphone 6 plus custodia protettiva custodia iphone 6 chihuahua custodia iphone x blu custodia silicone iphone 7 trasparente custodia iphone x 360 custodia … Read More

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Scrubs top, pillowcase and another stripped chair

Today I made a scrubs top to go with the bottoms I made a couple of months ago. custodia iphone 6 portafoglio bianca I had to clear a few projects away before I could fully concentrate on the big project at hand. This has been around way too long. Then I repaired a 12′ x 15′ American flag that was starting to fray at the end. custodia silicone iphone se … Read More

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Bears, upholstery and a dress

I recently finished making seven memory bears for a client. It still amazes me how each one is so different from the others. They all develop their own personality and “look.” They went to their new home this past week. I have been trying to clean up my studio and get projects knocked out so I can get at what has been gnawing at me for the past 6 months. … Read More

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I always think Martha Stewart has such cute projects. Most of the time they are way too complicated or require such specialized equipment or supplies I don’t try them. custodia bumper iphone 8 The issue before this one had some hand made presents, so I thought I’d try these adorable slippers. I had a felted wool blanket and made an adult sized pair of slippers. They fit fine but looked … Read More

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Skirt from quilting leftovers

Is this cute, custodia iphone 6 x moto or what?? I pre-cut 4″ x 10 1/2″ strips for a quilt top and ended up with 40 strips left over. custodia piquadro iphone x The JoAnn Fabrics advertisement arrived in the mail with a cute skirt on the front made with a jelly roll of fabrics (I think.) The light bulb went on in my head and I joined the strips … Read More

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Another Dress Day

I’ve been having fun working on another little girl dress. iphone 4 custodia custodia iphone x silicone rosa custodia iphone 6s estate With each one, I make a few improvements, and this is the best yet. custodia iphone x auto custodia iphone 5s apple originale custodia iphone 5se libro batteria custodia iphone 6 plus custodia iphone 7 plus trasparente rigida Look closely, can you see that the entire skirt seam … Read More

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Dress day again

How cute is this? I thought this was going to be a boring dress, custodia pelle apple iphone 8 plus but put a cute girl in it and voila! It fits her like a glove and is totally adorable. It is from a Butterick pattern and the instructions are a little weird. anker custodia iphone x The assembly is done in a crazy backward way, custodia iphone 5s puro like … Read More

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Another dress day

This is a dress for a dance. The Michael Miller fabric is called “Prom” If you look closely there are all of these retro couples in their party dresses at the school prom. custodia iphone 6 hazzard It is from one of my favorite patterns, the bodice is fully lined and there are no exposed seams anywhere. custodia iphone 10 a libro The aqua piping sets the bodice from the … Read More

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