Another Dress Day

I’ve been having fun working on another little girl dress. iphone 4 custodia custodia iphone x silicone rosa custodia iphone 6s estate With each one, I make a few improvements, and this is the best yet. custodia iphone x auto custodia iphone 5s apple originale custodia iphone 5se libro batteria custodia iphone 6 plus custodia iphone 7 plus trasparente rigida Look closely, can you see that the entire skirt seam is sandwiched between the front and the lining? It was all done by machine too. custodia originale iphone 6 custodia iphone se braccio Have you ever made one of those pillow cases where you roll up the body of the pillow case and insert it between the layers of the hem? Well, this is done the same way, but is much more challenging. custodia braccio iphone 7 custodia per iphone 4s First of all I sewed the bodice and lining neckline together, trimmed away the seam allowance and edge stitched on the lining side to hold the seam allowance down. custodia iphone 7 blu custodia iphone 7 louis vuitton Next I sewed the arm hole openings, then I sewed the side seams of the bodice front and lining in one step. I turned the bodice right sides together, sewed the piping in place and basted the skirt to the right side of the bodice. iphone 6s custodia brillantini Then I rolled the skirt up into as small of a roll as I could, making sure it was well away from the stitching line, and pinned the bodice lining to it and sewed on top of my original basting. custodia iphone 6s oro rosa custodia luis vuitton iphone 6 custodia iphone 6 femminile I would have taken a picture, but my camera battery was dead. apple iphone x custodia originale The results are so nice and neat. custodia con batteria iphone 6s If you really examine the dress, you’ll note that the zipper was put in with three different colors of thread, green on the skirt, yellow on the right side and navy blue on the left side. custodia iphone 8 con pellicola custodia flip iphone 4 That’s more fussing than I would normally do, but this one is being entered in the San Diego County Fair. custodia con piedistallo iphone 6 custodia iphone x ultra slim 03 Isn’t it cute? If you can’t tell, it’s Dr. custodia iphone 6s pelle custodia ricaricabile per iphone 6 Suess fabric. custodia x iphone x custodia iphone 6 plus originale apple There will be one happy little girl who gets to wear this! The only thing left is to put in the hem, then I’m going to make two more dresses similar to this one.

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