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This is my kind of snowman! I am into finishing the 5-year old projects. I think that is how many birthdays this guy has had. I got stuck on the pennies. Once I got 90% of them done I ran out of the brown colored wool (still needed 2 more). custodia calzino iphone 5s I needed a hand sewing project for last night’s Cheri’s Fan Club, so I brought this along. I didn’t know how to attach the pennies, so I just went for it and did some invisible stitching. Then I stitched them next to each other. custodia 3d iphone 6 I got wool from my neighbor at Fan Club and finished the last two pennies needed to complete the project. I’m sure glad that’s done now. What a good feeling it is to complete something. All of the time consuming work had been done years ago, it was a simple job to finish. I was commissioned to make a musical keyboard carrier for a friend’s son. custodia pelle apple iphone 7 red I had two measurements and a general idea of what would be necessary to get the job done. I ended up using two layers of batting in the body of the case, I added fusable stiffener to an outside pocket, sewed zippers that run from the bottom edge up to meet in the center and attached handles that were beefed up with a layer of batting.

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