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Pam’s Passing

It is with great sadness heavy hearts that we share the passing of Pam Kay on August 31, 2020. The Fiber Artist will live on through her wonderful handiwork that lives on as a reminder of her passion. -The Kays

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More mystery quilt finishes

Don’t you just love it? The border makes for such an interesting quit! This is a really fun and different block/setting. Leave it to Ms. Kay to come up with something spectacular! Did you also notice the alternating cornerstones? So much to look at! So much to enjoy! And here’s Tammy’s. I love the colors and contrast. I also think it is clever the way she used the alternating blocks … Read More

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Creative ideas abound

I am so impressed with the way people come up with ideas for using simple blocks and turning them into masterpieces. I never would have thought to alternate light and dark blocks, but it WORKS! And I love how Kay has used the extra triangles for a unique border. It’s great!

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More Mystery Input

I think it is a good idea for me to tell you I always put the picture descriptions below the picture. I’ll bet you already figured that out, though. Now, this is what I call a creative border! It compliments the quilt so well, I think it is just amazing. Pat created this quilt off site with Patsy and Terri. Great job! And then Jo had a few extra blocks … Read More

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Another mystery quilt top finished

This is a great scrappy quilt made by Ginny. She felt it was busy enough without the 4-patch cornerstones, and I must agree. I particularly like the way she set it and the darker sashing is a nice contrast. That’s what I love about this quilt–there are so many possibilities!

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More Mystery

Here’s what I did with my first three sample blocks. Here are a few of the quilts from Kathy’s trunk show. Kathy makes generously sized quilts! This is a variation on a log cabin. Kathy is standing off to the right. Most of the quilts shown were combinations of homespuns and flannels. Kathy even included the names of the quilts and the publication that the patterns were in. This is … Read More

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The day after–Mystery revealed!

First of all, we had a wonderful day together in our own personal spaces–distanced quite nicely from the other quilters. Kay’s strips are behind her, reds and creams, her personal favorites. Sally is working with a red/white/blue palate. You can never go wrong with that combination. Cindy is working with a wide range of fabrics, currently working on 4-patches. Tina is using Kaffe Fassett fabric along with solids. It’s going … Read More

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2020 Mystery page 5

mystery_quilt_2020 5 Quilt revealed! Assemble the quilt!

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2020 Mystery page 4

mystery_quilt_2020 4 Next page of sewing instructions. There are a couple of ways to do this, if you want to conserve fabric, rotate the template orientation for every cut. Otherwise, you can follow the instructions and have all patches the same.  Call me if you need clarification 619-315-9318

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2020 Mystery page 3

mystery_quilt_2020 3 More sewing instructions!

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