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more quilting. . .

I quilted another vintage hand-pieced quilt top. custodia iphone x armor You may notice in the featured image how “wonky” the top is. Notice the border on the bias? That makes for a lot of stretch. I pieced together a back using the available coordinating fabric I had on hand. custodia led iphone 6 But when all was said and done, I had next to nothing to trim off. custodia … Read More

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D’Andrea’s Mystery. . . Solved!

D’Andrea just finished her 2013 Mystery quilt, aiino custodia iphone 5c and I had to give it a separate post so everyone would have a chance to see it. I’m going back to edit my previous Mystery Quilt post of 10/20/13 to include this image as well. custodia apple iphone 5s It’s so much fun to see how each one has it’s own personality, custodia iphone x thule they are … Read More

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. . . and even more vintage quilts

Aren’t you just drooling to see what these lovelies look like all spread out? They were such a rescue! All so different, and all so wonderful. OK, the top one is a contemporary quilt, I’m going to skip showing that one. Remember, if you double click on the picture it will get larger. custodia microfibra iphone 6 Here we go with the first one. Totally scrappy, totally random piecing, but … Read More

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Finishing a vintage quilt top

This vintage quilt top was probably never finished because of that wild plaid outside border. So, why not remove it and find something more appropriate? Of course I’ll save the removed border for another project down the road. I have a stash of vintage fabric, and this old cotton dress seemed to have just the flavor I was looking for. It was in good condition and there was plenty of … Read More

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The “reveal”

The fourth annual Mystery Quilt Workshop was the last Saturday in July, 2014, and the “reveal” was the last Saturday of October. The featured image is my version of the mystery quilt sewn by Charlotte Coomes, Patsy Kellogg, Terri Whitney and me as a mystery in Rosarito, Mexico. I call mine Rompin’ in Rosarito. The pattern was featured in an old American Patchwork and Quilts magazine. This block, by Barbara … Read More

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A New Quilter is Born . . . Update–binding on!

My daughters are visiting from Minnesota (escaping the unrelenting cold weather) to spend some time in the sunshine and help out with a couple of projects around the house. Here’s my daughter, Amy, who I asked to help me organize the studio. custodia iphone x in alluminio I said, “What should I do with this bag of scraps?” She took a look in the bag and announced, “These are cute! … Read More

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Quilting makes the Quilt!

I have been working on a lot of projects lately, but until Christmas, they are top secret! So, I’ll show you the quilts I’ve been quilting. This one was strip pieced, and I think it is so girly. It was fun to do and came out beautifully. Remember, if you double click on the picture it will get larger so you can enjoy the detail. custodia iphone 5s verde   … Read More

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Curved piecing, memory quilt, & rescuing an antique quilt top

I was fortunate to be able to take a class on gentle curved piecing with Karla Alexander a couple weeks ago. custodia 360 iphone 6 plus She has a great method using a “stack the deck” technique. custodia iphone 6 nba She offered a wealth of information and tips for success. Check out her website for great books and tools Here is a close up of the crow I … Read More

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Mystery Quilt Reveal

  Sometimes I get technically challenged. I do know how to use WordPress and am able to insert pictures, crop them, rotate them or even change their size! For those reasons, I am going to use my Blog to share the mystery quilt reveal.On July 27 of this year the 3rd Annual CDA Mystery Workshop took place from 8:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. with three delicious meals and snacks and … Read More

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Professional cutting mat

  I decided to treat myself to a new cutting mat. I stumbled upon a website: I checked out all the various cutting mats and discovered that what I had been using was considered a “hobby” mat. custodia iphone 6 plus originale apple Well, I’m here to tell you that what I do is no hobby. It’s a full time profession, so I thought I’d step up and get … Read More

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