A New Quilter is Born . . . Update–binding on!

DSC04952My daughters are visiting from Minnesota (escaping the unrelenting cold weather) to spend some time in the sunshine and help out with a couple of projects around the house. Here’s my daughter, Amy, who I asked to help me organize the studio. custodia iphone x in alluminio I said, “What should I do with this bag of scraps?” She took a look in the bag and announced, “These are cute! Maybe I should make a quilt.” DSC04953She started randomly piecing scraps together, wanting no instruction from me, just wanted to do her own thing. No respect was paid to fiber content, grain, or seam allowance. custodia protettiva iphone After a day of piecing, she cut the whole thing up and inserted the white areas. custodia iphone 6 kwmobile What started out to be a baby quilt turned into a queen-size bed quilt. custodia bumper iphone 6 plus DSC04955She had a great time using my long arm machine to quilt a snail pattern all over the quilt with some of the solid light areas she quilted the cities she has lived in, and in another light area the quilt “label.” DSC04956It turned out to be a rather charming “Modern” quilt that was her first ever attempt at piecing and quilting a quilt all on her own. Oh, the scrap bag. custodia iphone 6 offerta . . didn’t even have a dent taken out of it.

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6 Responses to A New Quilter is Born . . . Update–binding on!

  1. Vicki Bradford says:

    Love this! How wonderful to be able to act on such moments of inspiration and creativity!

  2. Amber says:

    This is such a fun quilt! And such great pictures documenting the process. 🙂 Nice work!!

  3. Dee says:

    Great job Amy…I know you mom is so proud. To my surprise, my son, Robert put together a photo mosaic quilt of Bob Marley this past weekend. He is going to try his hand on the Gammill next.

  4. corrie says:

    Marie you’re an artiste! Chip off the old block! You’re a talented bunch.

  5. pkay says:

    Thanks for the positive feedback! My daughter’s buttons are popping!

  6. Martie Winkelman says:

    Way to go Amy! You see Pam that quilting bug runs in the family….Mom…Dad…. Daughters….who’s next? Blessings to you! 🙂

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