The secret to using orphan blocks

My friend, Sally, gave me a bag of orphan blocks (blocks that had no home because they were left over or not too pretty) for my birthday. I decided I needed to work on them right away, or they would be lost in my closet. I faced the challenge head-on. Here are a couple of the blocks she gifted me: dsc00939 dsc00940 dsc00941 dsc00942 dsc00943 There were a total of 31 blocks, equally as. . custodia flip base x iphone 6 . custodia iphone 6 portafoglio foto ahmmmmmmmmmm, interesting. They were joined in two rows, 14 in one row, 17 in another. custodia iphone 8 mare What was I going to do with them? I figured I’d make a quick quilt and donate it to charity. I went to the internet to find images of Ohio Star quilts, and there began my inspiration.

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4 Responses to The secret to using orphan blocks

  1. Amber Bastian says:

    Ooh, how random! I’m intrigued!

  2. Sue Winkel says:

    What a woman:). Hope you are doing well. Love ya ❤️

  3. Marie kay says:

    Bellissima! I would love to see a picture of the whole quilt!

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