OK, I lied. . .

I know I said I would post as soon as I got back from Houston, well, it has been 3 months now. It’s still fun to think about. The first thing I did was get my picture taken with Judy and Gretchen from Primitive Quilts and Projects. They sponsored the special exhibit and gave me that neon green ribbon to wear. iphone custodia 6s What fun!!DSC07312 The Houston show fills the ENTIRE George Brown Convention Center. custodia iphone 7 snugg It goes on for what seems like miles! The quilt area was not nearly as populated as the vendor area, which was difficult to navigate at times.DSC07313   DSC07339 Here is where my quilt was placed, in a rock-star position at the end of the display. custodia iphone 7 volpe Note the spacious surroundings, and one could see this quilt for a great distance. DSC07321 I couldn’t be prouder! My buttons are nearly popping! I was supposed to have the quilt returned in December, but they wrote to me and asked if they could keep the quilt until May, as they wanted to display it at the Chicago show. Let me think about that for a second. custodia iphone 8 plus apple silicone YES!!!!!!! Now I’ll have to go to Chicago to visit it. custodia silicone iphone Poor me.

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4 Responses to OK, I lied. . .

  1. Sue Winkel says:

    Oh my gosh girl!! I’m so proud of you:). And you look so cute and great. Looks like you are having so much Dunn. I’m so glad. Today we head to Bryce for our Retreat:). So cold down there and here. We got a foot of snow and Cedar had a snow day yesterday. Poor kids:). The place you are at was named after my cousin:) George Brown. He passed away last summer. He was such a sweet heart a such amazing man. Loved him very much. Well sweetie guess I better close sending my love to you. Stay well have as much fun that you can stand. Love you always. Sue

  2. pkay says:

    Aw, shucks! Thanks for such a nice reply. Love ya!

  3. Mom!

    I keep meaning to get your autograph! You’re so famous! I am so proud of you for not only getting the end “rockstar” spot, but also having your quilt shipped around to other shows! I was in Chicago last weekend. I wish I had known I was so close to your quilt. I would have stopped by to say (loudly), “MY mom made that. MINE. She MADE it.” (and so on…)

    My buttons are popping, too! You’re the very best fiber artist I know.


  4. Debby Couey says:

    Rock Star is right! Congratulations!!

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