More orphan block wonders

dsc00934This was one of 17 blocks of it’s kind that were gifted to me by my friend, Sally. custodia iphone x unicorno The 4-patches in the corners are not so good. custodia ricarica iphone x The 9-patch in the center is not so good. custodia militare iphone 7 plus But someone took the time to assemble them all together, so my challenge was to make them look as pretty as I could.dsc00933I auditioned all different colors and styles of fabric, but the only ones that really played well were shirtings. custodia iphone 7 pelosa So I paired up each of the blocks with a different shirting.dsc00932I added a little pink framer border and a brown outer border. custodia brillante iphone 6s But I didn’t have enough brown border fabric, so I made two 9-patch blocks to go in opposite corners (Lyn Mann says repeat a motif from the main quilt in the border, so I did!). custodia iphone x anti gravita I used all kinds of flannel scraps for the back of the quilt and some left-over wool batting that I had to piece in 3 places to make it work.

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