Make a primitive heart!

Don’t you just LOVE hearts? I especially like primitive ones. custodia mimetica iphone 7 I have many heart quilts, so this one is more of a table runner or banner type. This is an original design that I made up to teach my quilt guild how to do a primitive heart. Pretty fun and pretty scrappy.DSC07615Let’s make a primitive heart!Remember: Primitive is not sloppy, just naive or untrained or child like. I still want it to lay flat and hold together well. To begin with, draw an 8 1/2″ square. Divide it into quarters-more or less-Draw your primitive heart lines, points aren’t necessary and curves aren’t necessary. (Refer to picture above.) Label the pieces sequentially, 1B (background) 2B, 3B, 4B, 5B, 6B; and 1H (heart) 2H, 3H, 4H. Cut the pieces apart, place on top of freezer paper and add 1/4″ seam allowance all the way around. Label the pieces.DSC07484Iron the freezer paper templates to the background fabric and cut on the lines. custodia iphone running Grain line is not critical, but I like to keep at least one of the outside edges on the grain. custodia iphone 6 joyguard DSC07485Iron your freezer paper heart template to red fabric and cut around it. Sometimes I layer 4-5 fabric pieces and cut them all at once. DSC07486 Now I lay out all the background and heart pieces in the order they will be sewn. DSC07491Sew 1B to 1H, then 2B to 1H, then 3B to 2H, then 4B to 2H, then 5B to 3H, then 6B to 4H. Now sew the two bottom half pieces together in the center, then the two top half pieces together in the center. Now sew the top half of the heart to the bottom half of the heart. It does not matter if the seams match. In fact, I think it is more charming if they are “casually off.” DSC07492The pieces look pretty rough here, but I don’t mind. You can clean them up in order to have a nice flat straight seam on the back side. custodia iphone 6 leathlux DSC07494I have “cleaned up” the center sewing seam for this section. DSC07495I sprayed starch on the heart and gave it a good press. Then play around with ruler placement and get a nice 8 1/2″ square block. Don’t worry about chopping off points. DSC07496 I wanted the heart to have more definition, so I cut off the tips of the heart and added a background strip so the heart would float.DSC07501 See how the plaid is casually off grain? I think that adds more interest to the block. DSC07502 Now I added the oversized background stripDSC07504And cut off the excess once I sewed it to the block DSC07505I made 5 blocks, arranged them to please my eye, set one on it’s side and sewed the runner together. I added 1/2″ red sashing and a 2″ black border, quilted and bound it.

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