Rescuing Antique quilt tops

This is a tired old quilt top that once was a full quilt with a batting and back, tied with colorful yarn. Someone undid the layers and the top was sold in an antique store. I repaired the damaged places, added a batting and muslin backing, quilted the Baptist’s fan and . . custodia iphone 8 silicone originale .   Voila! After quilting and binding, the stains are still there, but Overall, it is absolutely charming. And now has a new lease on life!               So, now I’m on a roll! Another antique quilt top needed rescuing. custodia iphone 6 360 This one has never been quilted, nor even used as a quilt. It is dated circa 1890. I used a cotton batting, Baptist Fan quilting pattern, 1890 feed/flour sacks as a backing, and a pale red binding. custodia originale iphone 6s It turned out so well, don’t you love it?   My next task was to put together a “memory quilt” for this person’s granddaughter. The fabrics ranged from denim to silk, but by using a single sashing design and a simple pattern, I think it turned out quite well, and the little one is sure to feel her grandma’s love.   I’m on a “Pink” roll, so the next item was this little string quilt that has everything from soup to nuts. custodia iphone 6 chihuahua It has a fluffy polyester batting, so that means it is extra light weight and will be extra warm on someone’s lap.It only needs binding.         And last of all, this trip around the world quilt which was named “Rock around the Clock” because of the cool retro dance fabric.

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7 Responses to Rescuing Antique quilt tops

  1. Rebecca Kay says:

    My fav is the yellow! You ARE on a roll!! Have fun!

  2. Dee says:

    You are faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locamotive and able to rescue a quilt in a single bound…

  3. Pkay says:

    Hahahaha. It’s my work. It’s what I DO. I’m lovin’ it.

  4. Mary Kay Grim says:

    Love especially the first old quilt; it is such a cool pattern! How satisfying to rescue an old quilt, spots and all, so it can still be admired and thought about years later! Still working on my fun plaid shirt quilt. Unlike some people, I am NOT faster than a speeding bullet……!

  5. Amber says:

    I totally agree with Dee! That’s an impressive skill you’ve got there Super Quilter (I can see a quilted cape flapping off your shoulders, and a rotary cutter in hand, ready to tackle the next project, super-hero-style!)… wait, I think I have the perfect image:

  6. Amber says:

    I don’t think the image came through…


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