Antique blocks become a quilt

I was charged with the task of taking these Northwind blocks and alternating homespun squares and turning them into a quilt. Oh, be sure to click on the picture to make it larger so you can really see what is going on. It’s going to be a little bit like making sausage, I don’t know if you really want to know how I did it. Check out the edges on this block! By the way, they are hand pieced.I started pressing all of the Northwind blocks. custodia iphone 6 fashion Someone washed them, and they were in a big mess. custodia waterproof iphone x They were more or less flat, but the seams were wonky in every direction. custodia iphone 6 biancaneve Then I arranged them in a planned random order on my design wall. Then I sewed the blocks into rows. There were plenty of areas that had bias, so careful easing was in order.So the rows are assembled. See the wonky block? And the off-grain of the homespun on the left?Now all the rows are joined. There is a lot of “action” going on here, ripples and puckers.Now it’s time to figure out what kind of backing I’m going to use. I resort to my trusty antique fabrics.This was formerly a feed sack or a flour sack. The string chain stitching is still in the fabric. I’ll bet it is at least 75 years old, which goes well with the blocks.Here’s a look at the back of the quilt top. aukey custodia iphone x Pretty scary, huh?And another look at the back. . .And one last look. See the little pleats? Do you remember me telling you that I carefully trimmed the blocks? No? That’s because I didn’t! I left them all exactly as I was presented them. I know better than to try trimming up hand pieced blocks. I would undoubtedly trim all the knots and then I would really have a mess. I had a method to my madnessNow I skip through the quilting–my favorite pattern for antique quilts–Baptist Fan.It’s pure magic! It lays flat, the blocks look pretty good, and I’ve taken a pile of totally wonked out blocks and beat them into submission. They will take on life now as this absolutely charming Northwinds quilt! Now I have to go digging for some appropriate binding.

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  1. Dee says:

    Where are you finding these projects?

  2. Kim Naylor says:

    Looks good pam. excited to see you this month. talk to you soon.

    Love Kim

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