Upcycled toys

I haven’t been doing any fun sewing lately, so I though I’d go back into my archives and pull out some projects from the past. This purple elephant is pushing a cashmere ball. I made these toys from old wool sweaters for my granddaughter. They are so soft and cute, lots of fun to play with too, especially the ball.   This funny dog is partially filled with flax seeds, so it has a wonderful weight. It’s fun to carry around by the neck. apple bt mky32zma iphone 6s silicone custodia rosso       Pointy Kitty was the first of my recycled sweater projects. Her head is a little large, but what the heck. custodia iphone 7 ronaldo It is a cashmere toy. How lucky can a child get???       Here’s another view, she turned out really cute I think.         How about this funny gray mouse? I think he looks like he just stole a piece of cheese. olixar custodia iphone 6s I made sort of a bean bag body and a nice long tail and generic arms. The face –well, let’s just say I didn’t have a pattern.   And then there was this bean-bag animal. custodia iphone 7 opaca I don’t know what it is, I called it a happy crab. Use your imagination! I may have to craft some more soft pets for birthday gifts.

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  1. Dee says:

    I’ve been busy too…have not yet worked on the mystery quilt…but I still have time before Friday :-}

    I did fine time to make a queen size “House Top” quilt out of my 2″ strip bin. It started out to be just a wall hanging for a class sample and I could not stop sewing…will bring to the reveal.

    Also, I made a cute wall hanging for “Gigi’s” doctor and staff. They did such a wonderful job treating her health issues. Most definitely “quilt worthy”.

    Your string quilt is quilted, bound with sleeve attached. Will bring to the reveal.

  2. Amy says:

    Oh boy. I am a huge fan of the happy crab (spider?) and pointy kitty. Your names for them are almost as adorable as the toys themselves. And cashmere?!? You’re right, any child who gets these should immediately shun Barbie and Dora…and TV…and plastic kid cell phones. Your toys bring back the simpler pleasures in life. So real. Good job Mom!

  3. Pkay says:

    Thanks! But last time I looked, spiders had 8 legs. I forgot to mention that in order to make them more interesting toys, I put crackly cellophane in their ears so they make noise when you move them. There is a little bell inside the ball too!

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