A new long arm quilting experience

                              This was the start of a new long-arm quilting experience at my friend Diana’s. custodia iphone 7 donna It was a little tricky getting the quilt loaded on, such a steep learning curve for me. custodia iphone 6 elephant I had to look at an internet you tube to see how to load a quilt on. It took an hour an a half to get things situated before I could even think of starting. That is a lot of standing and a lot of wrangling around to get set up. I had to take a break after that. Stopped for lunch and a little back rest.                               You can see I’m a happy girl now that it’s off the machine. custodia iphone se rosa I had a lot of frustration with thread breaking and bobbin trouble and other little issues. But alas, I stuck with it and got a finished quilt out of the deal. I used navy blue thread on top and yellow thread on the bottom, so I’m thinking the threads weren’t compatible or some other issue, such thing as a cotton top thread and a cotton/poly bottom thread. custodia iphone 8 con batteria Who knows? It was fine for 2/3 of the way, then it said: NO MORE! After at least a half hour of frustration, I finally gave in and changed the top thread. It only broke 3 more times after that, so I feel it was the thread’s problem.                                     When you look at it overall, I feel very satisfied with it. It lays flat, it is pretty evenly quilted, it is not too terrible of an overall design, and best of all, it’s done! So, I came home and squared it up, it’s ready for the binding and my favorite part of all, the hand stitching. YEAH! Now, I have to get back to my upholstery so I can move on to other projects. custodia apple silicone iphone 6 The one above only had to wait 34 years for completion.

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  1. Dee says:

    Nice job on the quilt.

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