Pin cushion exchange

I participated in a pin cushion exchange yesterday. custodia di iphone 8 plus luce led This is the bird pin cushion I made, it is all wool with wings blanket stitched on. It has a contrasting gusset and button eyes. It turned out pretty cute I think. custodia waterproof iphone 6 I filled it with crushed english walnut shells that will keep pins sharp. custodia iphone 6 red By the time I was done stuffing it, it probably weighed about a pound. coverstyle custodia ultrasoft iphone x It is really a solid piece. I got the pattern off the interned. custodia iphone 6 apple originale I typed “bird pin cushion” into Google and this came up.

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2 Responses to Pin cushion exchange

  1. clarice teare says:

    I need you and your zest around here for a while
    Tell Janet she needs to make me one of these pin cushions
    Mom would be proud of the way Janet is turning out sewn creations right & left I don’t know how she finds the time

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