Dress Day

One of my favorite things about being a fiber artist is that I can switch it up every day. custodia anker iphone 6 iphone 5 batteria custodia custodia subacquea iphone 8 A friend of mine invited me to go through a pile of fabrics and help myself. iphone 6 plus custodia protettiva custodia iphone 6 chihuahua custodia iphone x blu custodia silicone iphone 7 trasparente custodia iphone x 360 custodia fronte retro iphone se I chose things I thought would be “girly” and could perhaps translate into children’s clothing. custodia iphone 6 jetech custodia iphone 8 originale pelle custodia apple iphone 8 plus originale The fabrics are blends, which normally I don’t use, but these had such sweet prints I couldn’t resist. custodia iphone a1778 custodia ultra slim iphone 8 iphone x custodia sottile There was a small amount of white with a red dot (I used every bit of it for the skirt) and a rather small piece of strawberry print that lent itself beautifully for the bodice. custodia iphone 6s gomma custodia iphone 6s marvel custodia iphone 8 custodia per auricolari iphone Red piping at the raised waistline gave it definition and a splash of color. custodia da cintura verticale per iphone x custodia iphone 6 attacco go pro custodia milan iphone 4s se iphone custodia panda After the dress was put together (all but the zipper) I e-mailed my friend to find out what the finished length should be, lo and behold it was a full 2″ longer than I had available. custodia iphone braccio custodia 5s iphone guess iphone 5s custodia silicone custodia fronte retro iphone 7 Back to the drawing board, I cut two 6″ x width of the fabric strips, folded them in half lengthwise, joined them at the short side and applied them to the bottom of the skirt. custodia braccio iphone 6s custodia apple iphone 5c gatto Then I put a 1″ tuck on the hem and sewed some rick rack at the tuck. I wish I was 5 years old again, I’d have that pretty dress on in a minute.

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  1. Rebecca Kay says:

    A-Door-A-Bull red and white dress! Love the rick-rack!!

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