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A Quilt Miracle | Pam Kay – Fiber Artist

A Quilt Miracle

This is one of the most challenging of quilts I have ever quilted.  It is entirely hand pieced.

I loaded it onto the long arm machine, and you can see it is not laying flat.

I am showing multiple angles to record my dilemma. You can see the dark pink printing streaks that were sprinkled throughout the quilt top.

Look how many pieces were joined together to make the pink background!

Oh, dear. What a mess! Nine pieces to make the center circle!!

So many pieces. Look at the fabric selection!

Wrinkles and ripples everywhere!

Where to start?

Heavy stippling and arcs across the wedges help a lot.

Did I mention it was BIG?


Such unusual fabric choices. . .

But look at the overall effect! There were no serious pleats, tucks, distractions to be found.

A true quilt miracle!  Not bad.

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4 Responses to A Quilt Miracle

  1. Sally Parrish says:

    So YOU can quilt out almost anything! Just kidding. It looks great, I’m not a pink fan but this quilt looks good.

  2. Sue Winkel says:

    You are amazing once again. Happy New Year. Love you❤️

  3. Amy Kay says:

    Mom, you did a beautiful job. And you make it look easy! xoxoxox

  4. Debra Rafdal says:

    I gave my friend Lorie and Jeff one of your soup cozies. Lorie was interested in looking at your website and all the beautiful things that you make. You are amazing. I look forward to seeing you again.

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