Quilting makes the Quilt!

Pretty in PinkI have been working on a lot of projects lately, but until Christmas, they are top secret! So, I’ll show you the quilts I’ve been quilting. This one was strip pieced, and I think it is so girly. It was fun to do and came out beautifully. Remember, if you double click on the picture it will get larger so you can enjoy the detail. custodia iphone 5s verde  

Here is the close up

Here is the close up

Pinwheels and squares This is an antique quilt top that was just that. custodia intera iphone 7 plus A top. Now how fun is that to see it all quilted up (Baptist Fan patter) and ready to bind and enjoy? It was hand pieced, so there were hours and hours of work that have never been able to be appreciated. Until now. Blue CrossThen I quilted this antique top with the same Baptist Fan pattern, it is so wonderful for old quilts. custodia per iphone x Same story here, hand pieced top, just waiting to be finished and enjoyed. So, it only took 50-60 years for it to be completed, but now it is useful.Blue squares on pointI decided to take a picture of the top before I quilted it. It is in excellent condition, a few little stains here and there, and a little bit wobbly on the borders (you can see on the floor how it doesn’t lay flat. They were minor challenges, but look how lovely it turned out: Blue squares quiltedI love the dimension the quilting gives it. custodia neopreme iphone 6 plus And once again, a beautiful quilt to be used and enjoyed. I can imagine how much time it would take me to put these blocks together, and how much time it would take to collect the fabrics. My advice, if you ever find an antique top–buy it and have it machine quilted! You will get plenty of enjoyment from it. My studio with a viewThat’s all I have for today! Happy Thanksgiving and happy quilting.

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4 Responses to Quilting makes the Quilt!

  1. Linda Bastian says:

    Beautiful work you do! Wish I lived closer. Your studio is such a lovely place to work in.
    Merry Christmas to you and Jerry!
    PS We thought Jerry’s quilt project was VERY CREATIVE!

    • pkay says:

      What a lovely surprise! Thank you for your kind words. I truly am blessed with a wonderful space to work in. Jerry positively does NOT need any encouragement. He’s popping buttons off his shirt as it is. I’ve been at this for nearly 20 years and have not been accepted into the quilt show he got in 🙁 If you’re ever vacationing out this way . . .

  2. Dee says:

    You know I just love the Baptist Fan. Let’s plan a Play Day or two after the 13th…I will be off until Jan 2.

  3. pkay says:

    Well then let’s schedule it in!! I’m probably going to be gone from December 26-January 1 but there are plenty of days that we can do. Email me about what works best!

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