t-shirts & more quilt

I was commissioned to make a quilt using this girl’s cheer outfits. custodia iphone 8 ancora Some were cotton t-shirts, some were polyester uniform tops, some were nylon warm-up jackets, there were some sweat shirts, a skirt, and even a sports bra! Where to begin? The quilt needed to be at least 81 x 86, so I started with the largest size rectangles possible. custodia iphone 7 plus legno They were in no way supposed to be the same sizes. No problem. I fused a light weight interfacing to each garment and began the task of cutting accurate rectangles.Then I laid them out on the design wall in rather rough rows. I had to lay it out sideways to achieve the correct dimensions.Then I started joining rectangles together and inserting small chunks of colored t-shirts where necessary to plump up the row and make it come up to size.And each time I added something, I needed to give it a really good pressing. This is challenging, since the fusable on the back requires quite a bit lower heat than what I’d use on cottons. custodia iphone 7 portafoglio There was enough polyester and nylon in the quilt top, that it also needed lower heat. The key, then, to a good press, is pressure. I really leaned on it!It took quite a while, but it finally came together. The last thing I needed to do is add a strip of black all the way around. custodia iphone 8 libro specchio . . give it a frame.And last, but not least, quilt it and bind it. That was no small feat, given all the heavily embroidered patches and rhinestones. I did a stipple and star pattern and avoided all the aforementioned embellishments. It turned out GREAT! It is as heavy as the lead apron the dentist lays on your chest before taking x-rays. It feels good.

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  1. Amy says:

    Handsome quilt. I *love* the heavy ones! Now, where is the sports bra? Isn’t that just the quirky design element that helps make a quilt memorable? Haha

  2. pkay says:

    Thanks! The sports bra is barely visible. It’s black with blue rhinestones that say “CA” to the left of the gray center block, directly next to the green block. You are absolutely right about quirky design elements and lasting memories.

  3. Amber says:

    holy smokes. that’s an outrageous quilt. i’m not sure if it’s my style, but i guess it beats a box of clothes in an attic for the memories. what a lot of work to match such different fabrics. yikes! nicely done.

  4. pkay says:

    I know, huh? It’s not my style either, but I agree that it beats clothes in a box for memories. It is so personal to the owner, I’m sure she will snuggle under it’s memories for a LONG time. It really turned out beautifully.

  5. Dee says:

    Another quilt is born…I know it took muscle to complete…what did you use for batting/backing?

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