Restoring an antique log cabin quilt

I simply LOVE the way this antique log cabin quilt turned out. My friend bought this “rag” to rescue it. It had multiple holes, split seams, worn out edges and in generally really sad shape. It was foundation pieced on old towels, sheets, anything cotton. The back was in pretty poor condition. It was used as a summer quilt (no batting or backing) and had seen better days. custodia jetech iphone se I repaired the holes and split seams, fused some interfacing over some areas to add strength and added a nicely worn 100% cotton sheet for the back and some warm and natural batting. My favorite “Baptist Fan” pattern was used to quilt the layers together and ta da! It turned out great!Here’s an example of how the previous owner repaired it, uses some heavy duty iron on patch (see the gray area). custodia iphone 6 plus fenicottero I just quilted right over it. custodia iphone 5s supreme Who am I to judge how it was fixed? Here is one of the holes I fixed. I know, not too discreet. Here’s another one. At least I tried to match some of the fabric nearby. busta custodia iphone 8 plus And here’s one last look at how fragile some of the fabric was. custodia iphone 7 silicone glitter I put a fusable between the layers and then quilted over the top. OK. now go back to the first picture and see if you can tell anywhere that it was repaired. Trust me, there are at least 30 places that have been repaired.

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8 Responses to Restoring an antique log cabin quilt

  1. Amy says:

    It really is beautiful. I have a serious ‘thing’ for zillions of tiny pieces of super cute old fabrics in a quilt! Here’s what I don’t understand: How could any quilt not have a backing? The summer quilt, if you turned it over, would be a bunch of seams and frayed edges in a single layer?
    Anyway, job well done, mom!

  2. Pkay says:

    Your thinkin’ hat is working just great! There are bunches of seams and frayed edges. You got the picture. It was pretty amazing, all in all. It seems to fray to a point and then stop. It was rather cool looking, but now it’s all in the sandwich!

  3. Rebecca Kay says:

    Ditto my sis-in-law….beautiful! Love the so many colors!!

  4. Pkay says:

    Thanks! Isn’t it crazy how everything just “fits” in that quilt? I wouldn’t have use some of those fabrics in my life, but they sure work!

  5. Dee says:

    That quilt has so much character…simply beautiful, you has rescued another treasure the the scrap heap.
    Mystery update…working on baskets now. I can drop off the DVD anytime this weekend (off Friday), just let me know. Really want to show you my progress and get a pat on the back :-}

  6. Pkay says:

    Thanks! I can’t believe how much fun it is. And it’s true what they say, quilting really does make the quilt.

  7. Lori says:

    Simply beautiful and btw – the quilt shop in Hackensack is still in existance….

  8. Pkay says:

    Thank you. OH GOODIE, another quilt shop to visit. I will plan to shop there!

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