More quilting practice

I have been doing my 15 minutes a day practice quilting, but it is hard to quit after 15 minutes, so I generally do more. custodia olixar iphone Today I felt compelled to finish this entire little quilt. I will finish it with a solid black binding, and it is acceptable to me now, but not great. custodia ultrasottile iphone 8 Once the binding is on I plan to wash it in hot water and dry it in a hot dryer. custodia per iphone 7 That will work wonders on softening it up and making the stitches less visible. custodia iphone 7 a portafoglio I matched the thread to the background again, which is helpful. Surprisingly, this took three bobbins to complete, so that suggests some pretty dense quilting. I need to work on loosening up a little bit, so maybe tomorrow’s practice will be on a larger quilt.

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