A little change of pace. . .

These are actual pages out of a March 8, 1977 Woman’s Day Magazine and the directions for making a coordinating pillow from a kit. The pattern is by Yours Truly, Inc. and was offered as a kit. The kit contained 2 1/2″ precut calico strips in 12 different prints and a solid blue plus 3 border fabrics, all in cotton or cotton/polyester blends. custodia iphone 7 game boy The price for a queen size Quilt top kit? $34.95. Pillow Kits were $7.95 each. Postage and handling was a whopping $2.50. An entire queen sized Quilt kit with batting and backing was $51.95. Why am I telling you this? I was given the queen sized quilt kit (without batting) by either my sister in law or my mother in law many years ago. custodia iphone 6 plus trasparente I don’t know how many. I’ve lived in CA for 15 years, and I can’t remember if I moved out here with it or if it was presented to me sometime after I moved here when I was really in the quilting groove. custodia iphone x porsche Well. I have been working my hands as hard as I could doing the reupholstering on the bedroom furniture. I needed something mindless to do and wanted something that was all ready to sew. iphone x custodia portafoglio unicorno I pulled down the “projects” box, and out this tumbled. The fabrics, pattern, and magazine pages are 34 years old!! I always planned to sew it one day, so why not now? So last night I assembled a few rounds and today I finished the rest. custodia silicone iphone I was missing the center navy and yellow squares for 3 blocks, so I substituted something I had that was similar. I’m telling you, the fabrics of old are really cheap, mostly cotton/poly blends, and rather poorly cut. I had to reduce the block size slightly and re-cut many of the strips. All in all though, I think it is turning out well. I need to join the blocks and add the borders. Is this too shocking of a color combination? I’m a primitive gal, mind you, so I have no clue if this is at all appealing to anyone. I think retro is so in vogue now, but this retro??? It was fun and fast, and I’m going to finish it. I will practice long-arm quilting on it. And it will be done.

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  1. Lynne says:

    Are you machine quilting this at the same time. I made one in the 70’s as my first quilt and am considering making it again and have been looking for the pattern. Yours looks beautiful.

    • pkay says:

      No, I didn’t quilt as I went. My sister in law gave me the kit years ago. She followed the directions and made one square as per directions and stopped at that. It was a sign for me that it was too difficult to keep things lined up and quilt at the same time, so I finished mine the traditional way, then sandwiched it and quilted it. I was pleased with the results.

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