One of the most challenging quilts

OK, look at the piecing. All hand-pieced. Points matching? Fabric laying flat? Good job pressing? No on all accounts!

Every single block is pretty much a nightmare.Some places are not even stitched.I must be crazy, but I agreed to quilt it on the long arm.See it coming apart?OK, I loaded it up, with no recourse.What the heck? It was a lot of work done by someone, I guess it deserved to be finished.I wanted to document it so I could say I did the best I could with what I had.Yup! It was really, really wonky.But, you know what?

I quilted it up with “Baptist Fan” pattern, and yes, there are pleats sewn right into it.

But look at this! I think it looks pretty good, and the quilt is actually quite stunning. The overall achievement is that whoever did all of that hand piecing so long ago can now rest in peace that the quilt is done. Someone’s grandmother made it under who knows what circumstances, but after the binding is put on, it can warm someone during a good night’s sleep!

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