Mystery REVEAL

DSC07255Saturday night was a time to reveal the results of our 5th annual CDA Mystery Quilt workshop that was held the last Saturday of July. It was amazing! Each quilt had it’s very own personality, and it was hard to believe they all used the same components.Pat's QuiltThis one is Pat’s. By adding a cornerstone to the sashing, the alternating 9 patch block appears. DSC07257This is Charlotte’s version with all blocks touching, no sashing. She also set her blocks on point. DSC07258Charlotte is going to finish it like this without borders. DSC07259This one is Barb’s. She made each block with different fabric. The wonderful bird fabric for borders and backing are so charming. The scalloped border is another interesting variation. custodia legno iphone 6s The quilt begs to be cuddled up with! Kay used different fabrics in each block and one consistent fabric. custodia iphone 6 46 It is so nice. I’m sad the pictures turned out so poorly. DSC07261I love the striped border. It is a really handsome quilt! DSC07262Linda made adorable little nine patches for corner stones with her sashing. She’s searching for the perfect fabric for a border. custodia iphone x viola The center of each block is a sort of seafoam green that she would like to repeat in the border.DSC07264D’Andrea’s was a show stopper! She set her blocks on point and then added the wonderful applique flowers in the border. She had a couple of left over blocks and turned one into a pillow. It is absolutely stunning. DSC07265JoAnn assembled the units in her blocks to look like pinwheels. custodia iphone 7 3d She also used bird fabrics. It is an amazing quilt. apple iphone 6s custodia DSC07267Cristie used a very soft palate of salmon pinks to create this lovely feminine quilt. custodia iphone cintura DSC07270Camelia’s was made up with French Provincial fabrics which took fantastic together. It is a charming cuddle up with quilt! So there you have it! If any other class participants have pictures of their quilts I will add them to the post. They are so much fun to look at and compare with each other.

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