Cheddar turkey tracks quilt is DONE

Look at this funny block! The maker used about 10 different fabrics. custodia iphone 7 plus vetro temperato When the cheddar ran out, oh well, just substitute pink! And the backgrounds, well, they’re just backgrounds, right? I love the “make do” attitude. So I continued in that vein and made do with the fabrics I had.       I had a similar background fabric, well similar in color at least. And I patched the cheddar problem with salvaged fabric from another block. The holes were all repaired.     This block shows the shows the new cheddar that I used to replace what didn’t exist. It is a bit darker, and I used it for binding too. I think it is quite acceptable. custodia apple iphone 5c panda The little square on the left that needed replacing seems to work just fine too.     Remember, I ran out of backing and had to add another 15″ to the bottom? Well, the seam is barely noticeable. It totally works for me.       And all that fullness? I just quilted it in. custodia libretto iphone x It doesn’t seem to look that bad based on the whole picture.       So, step back and notice the overall effect. custodia bustina iphone It’s a nice old quilt that will provide lots of use and visual stimulation.

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5 Responses to Cheddar turkey tracks quilt is DONE

  1. Dee says:

    How did you like using the baptist fan pantograph?

  2. pkay says:

    I really like it! It is perfect for old fashioned traditional quilts. I have another one waiting to have this pattern used on it. It’s more difficult than it looks, though.

  3. Amy says:

    The turkey track pattern is so whimsical and fun! I also love the backing fabric. I always love those adorable small plaid fabrics for backing. Good job Mom!

  4. pkay says:

    Thanks! It was a real fun job rescuing this “rag” as the donor called it, to something of beauty.

  5. pkay says:

    OK, Sorry, I found out the pattern is called “Devil’s Claw” not turkey tracks. It still looks like a turkey’s foot if you use your imagination!

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