Izobel and other things

I took an applique class last Saturday and Sunday from Nancy Brown. custodia da cintura iphone 8 plus It was a lot of fun, and the resulting project is shown on the left. custodia iphone 6s porta carte This is Izobel the giraffe. The only difference between mine and the class sample is the fabric used. custodia iphone 6 morbida I chose to work with wool, since I love the textures, colors and feel.   Mine is very folky compared with the contemporary one made with batiks and bright fabrics.   Nancy was a good sport and selected various wools from my stash to create her version of a wool giraffe. custodia iphone moschino Isn’t it great that you don’t have to stay true to colors in nature? Nancy’s green giraffe is proof that any color will work as long as the value is correct. The red background really pops it too. The other thing I’m working on today is another memory quilt. There were an uneven number of squares, so the lay out had to be a random arrangement of squares. I like the way it looks. The only thing left to do is quilt it and bind it. custodia impermeabile iphone 6 plus It should provide warmth and comfort to the recipient.

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  1. Amy says:

    Mom, the ears on the giraffe are different too! I kind of like the happier look of the ears pointing up. Izobel waxes bovine when her ears are laid down. 🙂 Love the subject though- owls are so yesterday!

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