Hand pieced bat blocks

I didn’t know the name of these blocks, so I went to my Encyclopedia by Barbara Brackman, and sure enough, there it was! Then I did a Google search and found many, many variations on them. There were a few settings to choose from, but I settled on this one. custodia silicone iphone 6s originale dsc00989These little blocks were hand pieced with brightly colored thread. custodia iphone 6 rosa antico They finish out at 3 1/2″ I grouped them in 4s by color, then joined them together. custodia astuccio iphone x Here I am auditioning borders, and I felt this one was too busy.dsc00997Then I started auditioning more borders. . .no. . . no. . . no dsc00996No, too busy dsc00992dsc00990No. reminds me of Wonder Bread. dsc00993No. this doesn’t work either. I finally settled on a solid red corduroy border with corduroy binding on the bias. It is positively charming, but I failed to get a picture. custodia anti acqua iphone 8 It was donated to Prayers and Squares. custodia a specchio iphone 6 I promise to show completed pictures in the next quilts created from hand pieced blocks.

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  1. Mary Kay Grim says:

    Pam, I’ve really been enjoying these “orphan” projects. How satisfying, and how whimsical they have turned out! Am currently putting together some Christmas blocks I purchased at a Canyon sale. It’s fun to put together someone else’s work.

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