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Direction matters! | Pam Kay – Fiber Artist

Direction matters!

DSC07023I made this quilt a couple of weeks ago for a wedding gift for my niece. It is such a charming quilt, but after I got the rows entirely together, I realized my mistake. custodia iphone 8 plus cactus I should have changed the direction of the hourglass blocks on every other row. custodia iphone 6 elephant I was not in the mood to change the orientation of the well-sewn blocks, so my solution was to re-name the quilt “Squashy Stars.” It’s still a super cute quilt, just looks different than the original pattern. Also, I added a border and half square triangles around the outside to give it a bit more punch. apple custodia iphone 7 The rule is, there are no rules!! Make it your own. Snuggle up Alli and Dan! DSC09523In case you were wondering, this is the way the pattern was supposed to go.

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8 Responses to Direction matters!

  1. Martie Winkelman says:

    Beautiful work Kay! I’m sure the newly weds will love it!!!
    Blessings my dear

  2. Amy Kay says:

    She and Dan are going to love this! The dark colors are so warm.

  3. Sue Winkel says:

    I like it as well or better the way you did it:). It’s beautiful!!! Love ya

  4. phuong phu says:

    I wouldn’t have known unless you said something! It looks beautiful!

  5. Amber says:

    I think I like it better, too! Sometimes mistakes can make the best things happen! 🙂

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