Upholstering is hard work!

Upholstering is hard on the hands. custodia iphone 8 gatto In order to begin, everything needs to come off. That can be hazardous, as the staples are really sharp and sometimes break off in the wood. When that happens, sometimes the entire staple isn’t removed. That is why my left thumb has two nasty gashes. I managed to wrestle the arms into submission.   Then I tackled the back. This is tricky, as with this large plaid, all mistakes are amplified. The plaid has to be centered vertically and horizontally. custodia iphone 7 total body THAT is a feat. It’s a little bit like making sausage, you really don’t want to know!! I needed this break to give my tired hands a rest. Next comes the two outside arm pieces, then the back, skirt, and cushion.

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  1. Dee says:

    I’m in total awe…

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