Memory Bear Day

Today I created a couple of Memory Bears from someone’s Hawaiian shirts. custodia iphone 5s subacquea They look so cute and cuddly. custodia apple iphone x gucci I am always amazed at the personality each of them has. custodia nera iphone 5 Even if the fabric is the same, they are all unique, with little nuances in stuffing or stitching. custodia iphone borsetta I have made well over 500 of these, so the pattern is second nature to me. I created the first one over 20 years ago for my niece, Kaitlin. custodia iphone 7 silicone apple cacao I wonder if she still has it? Maybe I can remember to ask her when I see her in two weeks.

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  1. Rose Ong says:

    I love ur bears. I’m a volunteer at the Doane House Hospice, in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada and have been searching the internet for a free pattern and instructions for a Memory Bear Program we have in operation already. I’m taking over this project and the pattern we have used for years is all tattered and torn and no one knows what happened to the instructions. I’ve been thru 9 pages of Google, looking at different bears and a few patterns, but urs is the closest to the one we have been making and am wondering of u’d be interested in donating ur pattern and instructions to our charity. Our website is: if u’d like to to have a look at it. Here’s another one: Thanks in advance – Rose Ong

  2. Cindy McKeegan says:

    I too have been searching the internet for memory bear patterns. I have been asked by some non-sewing friends to make bears out of their shirt collections. The line up of your bears shows just how unique each bear could be be. I have grandchildren as well and can already envision making bears out of their favorite clothes. I love the simplicity of your pattern and would be happy to purchase it.

    • pkay says:

      Hi, the pattern I use is from the Great American Quilt Factory, Dream Spinners #118. You can find it by doing a Google search, I think the pattern may be out of print. Warning: the directions are very poorly written, so allow for at least 4 hours to make the first one. There are some difficult spots, so if you get the pattern and find frustrations, contact me and maybe I can help you through it. I’ve made over 500 of these little creatures.

  3. brenda dove says:

    do you have a pattern if so may I have it.

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