Today was a fun day of catching up on projects. custodia iphone 3gs My friend brought her 8 1/2 year old niece with her while we worked on projects. custodia protettiva antiurto iphone 6 The little girl took a needle and thread, a round bowl and a bit of fabric, traced around the bowl, cut it out and stitched up a gathering stitch around the circumference and made a yo-yo. iphone 6s custodia apple She traced off another circle, made another yo-yo, then traced a smaller circle for the center yo-yo. After she hand stitched the three yo-yo units together, we added a piece of black elastic and a button for the most adorable little headband I think I’ve ever seen! Then she asked if she could make another one, so I set her up with pink fabric. iphone se custodia antiurto This one is attached to white elastic. custodia iphone x argento I was so impressed with this young designer’s work, I couldn’t stop admiring it. She thought it would be fun to make bracelets using the same technique but with a smaller yo-yo.

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