Dee’s memory quilt

Sunday was a play day for my friend Dee and me. I played in her studio the last two times, this time was my turn to host. She assembled the blocks of her memory quilt, and I think it looks fantastic. All fabrics used were garments worn by this deceased fireman. I love the way the plaids play and move. The pinwheel block navy triangle is from a firefighter shirt. caricabatterie custodia iphone 6 It adds nice continuity to the quilt. custodia tech21 iphone 7 A large border and pinwheels in the corner will complete the quilt. custodia a specchio iphone 6 I think I love this quilt so much because it reminds me of days when our grandmothers took the un-worn parts of clothing and used them to create quilts or other household items. We used to take anything usable off of a garment before relegating it to the rag bag or tossing it out. I remember cutting off buttons, tearing out zippers, and saving the good part of sheets for dish towels. custodia subacquea iphone x Nothing went to waste. Kind of like this quilt.

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