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This is the link for the PDF of the sewing instructions.

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2020 Mystery!

Here is a link to the virtual Mystery Quilt Workshop for July 18, 2020.

Please check it out and see if it works for you and let me know asap so any glitches can be ironed out.

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One of the most challenging quilts

OK, look at the piecing. All hand-pieced. Points matching? Fabric laying flat? Good job pressing? No on all accounts!

Every single block is pretty much a nightmare.Some places are not even stitched.I must be crazy, but I agreed to quilt it on the long arm.See it coming apart?OK, I loaded it up, with no recourse.What the heck? It was a lot of work done by someone, I guess it deserved to be finished.I wanted to document it so I could say I did the best I could with what I had.Yup! It was really, really wonky.But, you know what?

I quilted it up with “Baptist Fan” pattern, and yes, there are pleats sewn right into it.

But look at this! I think it looks pretty good, and the quilt is actually quite stunning. The overall achievement is that whoever did all of that hand piecing so long ago can now rest in peace that the quilt is done. Someone’s grandmother made it under who knows what circumstances, but after the binding is put on, it can warm someone during a good night’s sleep!

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Mystery Quilt REVEAL

Oh, dear. This post is very long overdue. The Mystery Quilt Reveal for 2018 was in October. It was a small gathering at my house, and the results are truly amazing.

Here’s what was shared:Andrea made one block and turned it into a pillow.

This is Ruth’s version. Very subtle color/print changes in the aqua.

Karen made this sophisticated looking double sided table runner.Completely different on the other side.

This one radiates with color.

Here’s Tammy’s. Note the pop of purple every once in a while. Cool!

And this one is a finished top from the 2017 Mystery Quilt Workshop.

It’s time to sign up again! Click on “classes” and register for the class!

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A Quilt Miracle

This is one of the most challenging of quilts I have ever quilted.  It is entirely hand pieced.

I loaded it onto the long arm machine, and you can see it is not laying flat.

I am showing multiple angles to record my dilemma. You can see the dark pink printing streaks that were sprinkled throughout the quilt top.

Look how many pieces were joined together to make the pink background!

Oh, dear. What a mess! Nine pieces to make the center circle!!

So many pieces. Look at the fabric selection!

Wrinkles and ripples everywhere!

Where to start?

Heavy stippling and arcs across the wedges help a lot.

Did I mention it was BIG?


Such unusual fabric choices. . .

But look at the overall effect! There were no serious pleats, tucks, distractions to be found.

A true quilt miracle!  Not bad.

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2018 UFO Challenges

This is the February UFO ( Un Finished Objects) challenge, a quilt top that was donated to me that is well-pieced and pleasant colors, but didn’t feel quite large enough to call finished.So, I auditioned different borders.I tried this 30s novelty print, and the colors were right, but the scale of the pattern was overwhelming.This one had the right colors, but the scale was also a bit too much.I think this was way too dark.I’m thinking I like this, a nice dark “stopper” border and a delicate dot print in a grayed blue. These colors were a challenge, since it is probably a top from the 80s.Here it is all completed! I am liking the way it turned out. The small dot print border turned out to be a few inches too short, so I took a similar colored fabric that was a windowpane check and finished off one side of the border with it. Can you see it? (Barely?) It is in the upper left hand corner of the quilt. That’s what our Grandma would have done, use what she had.

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My Studio

Here I am with my thread collection for the Gammill. Have a look at my studio through the eyes of another quilter. Barbara Black is a quilt maker/educator from Huntsville, Alabama who recently spent 3 days with me while she taught a class for Canyon Quilt Guild and was our guest lecturer for June. We had a wonderful time together. Here are pictures and comments she made about my studio.

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More Royal Family Kids Camp quilts

My talented friends are also GENEROUS! This quilt is sure to be someone’s favorite.  I think the challenge fabric was used well. I especially love the borders on this one.Remember these fabrics from the last post? This is quilt number 2 from that challenge. And–check out the back! This is really a two sided quilt. So bright, so happy, so fun! This heart quilt was donated by a friend of mine, this was not a challenge quilt, but one from a quilter who doesn’t really care for pink. I know it will be a hit with one of the kids. And this stunning quilt is made with nothing but half square triangles. This quilter donated this because she is not a fan of blue. Well, I know it will be someone’s favorite color.

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My Talented Friends

My dear friend, Ginny, donated a few bags of fabric to me, and I gave each of my Bobbin Buddies Quilting friends a stack to make a quilt top for Royal Family Kids Camp, a camp for children in the Foster Care system. My friends make the tops, then I quilt and bind them.

I love the way this one turned out!

Some kid is going to be really happy! They each get to choose their own.

Here are a couple of tops–also very happy–but they will go to a Prayers and Squares recipient.

How about this handsome one? It is very masculine.

Then there is this one, that looks so sophisticated

It’s a pattern offered by Missouri Star Quilt Company, and I believe there is a You Tube tutorial on it.  Here’s a close up of the quilting. And the last one is made with 2 charm packs! Very soft looking.

I am going to collect a few more, I’ll show those once they come in.

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GREAT idea!

A friend of mine made this primitive little quilt top, she didn’t want it turned into a small quilt–but wanted it to be made into a pillow.

After discussing options, we decided to turn it into a pillow case! See how cute it is?

There wasn’t enough fabric for a whole pillow case, so what to do? We used a coordinating fabric to make the cuff and the back, and what was going to be fabric for the piping turned into the accent strip on the pillow case.

I used the “hot dog” method for making the pillow case, but had to adapt the pattern to use multiple fabrics for the entire case. There was wool in the applique that you wouldn’t want to sleep on, but if you turn the pillow over, it is a completely smooth cotton pillow case!

And you know the best thing?  When you want to change it up for the season or just put it into the decorating rotation? It folds up completely flat!

Think about making some of these wonderful pillow cases that are super simple rather than creating a whole decorator pillow or small quilt. You will become addicted!

Based on this inspiration, I had to make one for myself. MUCH faster than a flanged pillow. The first one took 40 minutes because of all of the figuring and straightening and selecting fabric. The second pillow case for the bed is going to be slightly different.

I am creating a snowman themed bedroom for a home tour in December. This was going to be a flanged pillow before I hit upon the pillow case idea.

And here’s the back side for sleeping on. I see many more of these in my future.

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