Orphans no more

dsc00946I think this is called the friendship star. My friend, Sally, gave me 19 of these. The challenge was to turn them into something wonderful. I made one more block so I could assemble them 4 across and 5 down.dsc00947Once I did that, I had to audition borders. custodia iphone 7 con brillantini The black is OK.dsc00946Half square triangles makes it too busy.dsc00951I kind of like the blue on the left, but maybe it’s too busy. custodia iphone 7 acqua The black on the right is too stark. I’m going to settle for the blue on topdsc01018I like the way it turned out. I quilted a moon and stars motif and called it Milkey Way. custodia iphone 6s spigen I know I spelled it wrong, but it’s too late now. custodia iphone 6 plus puro The label is on. custodia in tpu iphone x verde I think it will make a very nice baby quilt.

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Can you stand me bragging one more time about our fabulous quilt? This link gives a little bet more background and some detail shots of the quilt. power bank custodia iphone 6 Check out Melissa’s blog:http://www.makingitsweet.com/2016/06/bobbin-buddies-win-1st-place-at-the-american-quilt-show/ winner My friendship quilting group called the Bobbin Buddies WON at Paducah!

Watch the video link. custodia iphone 7 in vetro temperato CLICK HERE

Bobbin-Buddies-A-Slice-of-Beauty This is our Quilt Entry, the Balboa Park Conservatory. custodia belkin iphone We won first place on it. custodia iphone 7 plus fenicottero I’m so excited I can hardly stand it. custodia iphone 5 s style I’m flying out tomorrow and will see it in person on Thursday. custodia trasparente iphone 5s What an honor! What a blast! The Bobbin Buddies are Diana Price, Judi Shacklett, Clara Gibson, Joan Cunningham, Cece May, Marilyn Fingerman, Wendy Held and ME! Oops! My buttons are starting to pop off my shirt.

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Basket weaving in Old Town

DSC07406It is such fun to work in Old Town, San Diego. custodia iphone 7plus con batteria There is a small basket guild that meets monthly. custodia in pelle iphone 7 They invited me to teach a small market basket class. custodia iphone 6 mirror It is the one pictured in the front left of the table.DSC07408The requirement here is that we wear period appropriate attire. custodia iphone ricarica That was easy for me (second to the left) because I was an intern there in 2009. custodia iphone 7 trasparente ultrasottile The dress is really comfortable, too. custodia iphone x ikalula We’ll meet one more time to finish the basket, but you can see the students are off to a great start! They meet the first Wednesday of every month at 1:00.

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Hand pieced bat blocks

I didn’t know the name of these blocks, so I went to my Encyclopedia by Barbara Brackman, and sure enough, there it was! Then I did a Google search and found many, many variations on them. There were a few settings to choose from, but I settled on this one. custodia silicone iphone 6s originale dsc00989These little blocks were hand pieced with brightly colored thread. custodia iphone 6 rosa antico They finish out at 3 1/2″ I grouped them in 4s by color, then joined them together. custodia astuccio iphone x Here I am auditioning borders, and I felt this one was too busy.dsc00997Then I started auditioning more borders. . .no. . . no. . custodia libretto iphone x . no dsc00996No, too busy dsc00992dsc00990No. reminds me of Wonder Bread. dsc00993No. this doesn’t work either. I finally settled on a solid red corduroy border with corduroy binding on the bias. custodia apple iphone 6 It is positively charming, but I failed to get a picture. custodia anti acqua iphone 8 It was donated to Prayers and Squares. custodia a specchio iphone 6 I promise to show completed pictures in the next quilts created from hand pieced blocks.

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More orphan block wonders

dsc00934This was one of 17 blocks of it’s kind that were gifted to me by my friend, Sally. custodia iphone x unicorno The 4-patches in the corners are not so good. custodia ricarica iphone x The 9-patch in the center is not so good. custodia militare iphone 7 plus But someone took the time to assemble them all together, so my challenge was to make them look as pretty as I could.dsc00933I auditioned all different colors and styles of fabric, but the only ones that really played well were shirtings. custodia iphone 7 pelosa So I paired up each of the blocks with a different shirting.dsc00932I added a little pink framer border and a brown outer border. custodia brillante iphone 6s But I didn’t have enough brown border fabric, so I made two 9-patch blocks to go in opposite corners (Lyn Mann says repeat a motif from the main quilt in the border, so I did!). custodia iphone x anti gravita I used all kinds of flannel scraps for the back of the quilt and some left-over wool batting that I had to piece in 3 places to make it work.

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Make a primitive heart!

Don’t you just LOVE hearts? I especially like primitive ones. custodia mimetica iphone 7 I have many heart quilts, so this one is more of a table runner or banner type. antigraffio custodia trasparente cover rigida per iphone 7 plus This is an original design that I made up to teach my quilt guild how to do a primitive heart. Pretty fun and pretty scrappy.DSC07615Let’s make a primitive heart!Remember: Primitive is not sloppy, just naive or untrained or child like. I still want it to lay flat and hold together well. To begin with, draw an 8 1/2″ square. Divide it into quarters-more or less-Draw your primitive heart lines, points aren’t necessary and curves aren’t necessary. custodia rigida per iphone 7 (Refer to picture above.) Label the pieces sequentially, 1B (background) 2B, 3B, 4B, 5B, 6B; and 1H (heart) 2H, 3H, 4H. Cut the pieces apart, place on top of freezer paper and add 1/4″ seam allowance all the way around. Label the pieces.DSC07484Iron the freezer paper templates to the background fabric and cut on the lines. custodia iphone running Grain line is not critical, but I like to keep at least one of the outside edges on the grain. custodia iphone 6 joyguard DSC07485Iron your freezer paper heart template to red fabric and cut around it. Sometimes I layer 4-5 fabric pieces and cut them all at once. DSC07486 Now I lay out all the background and heart pieces in the order they will be sewn. DSC07491Sew 1B to 1H, then 2B to 1H, then 3B to 2H, then 4B to 2H, then 5B to 3H, then 6B to 4H. Now sew the two bottom half pieces together in the center, then the two top half pieces together in the center. Now sew the top half of the heart to the bottom half of the heart. It does not matter if the seams match. In fact, I think it is more charming if they are “casually off.” DSC07492The pieces look pretty rough here, but I don’t mind. You can clean them up in order to have a nice flat straight seam on the back side. custodia iphone 6 leathlux DSC07494I have “cleaned up” the center sewing seam for this section. DSC07495I sprayed starch on the heart and gave it a good press. Then play around with ruler placement and get a nice 8 1/2″ square block. Don’t worry about chopping off points. DSC07496 I wanted the heart to have more definition, so I cut off the tips of the heart and added a background strip so the heart would float.DSC07501 See how the plaid is casually off grain? I think that adds more interest to the block. DSC07502 Now I added the oversized background stripDSC07504And cut off the excess once I sewed it to the block DSC07505I made 5 blocks, arranged them to please my eye, set one on it’s side and sewed the runner together. I added 1/2″ red sashing and a 2″ black border, quilted and bound it.

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Last of the orphans

dsc01100The final installment of my orphan blocks included these four corner stars which were in a straight line. custodia iphone 6s grigia I joined them in a square, added four scrappy borders and a final scalloped border. custodia iphone 7 plus brillantini It turned into a fine table topper. custodia iphone 7 plus specchio My challenge is complete! I finished up four projects in a short amount of time, used up batting scraps that I had on hand, used backing fabric that was donated, and had a fantastic time with various quilting motifs. custodia iphone 7 rosa oro Since finishing these quilts, I was given a garbage bag full of hand pieced blocks 4″ or less in size. custodia iphone 7 plus armor I got Roman bars, bat blocks, bow ties, spools, and quarter square triangles. custodia in pelle iphone 6 plus It is quite amazing how fast a quilt can be pulled together as long as the blocks are done.

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Exciting new decorating theme

DSC07766 My friend Kathy from the Country Loft came over and helped me set up my new corner area. amazon custodia iphone 8 plus The wood is wainscoting from my husband’s grandparent’s house. custodia in silicone iphone 6s The Country Loft set up several areas in the store with chippy peeley wainscoting that I fell in love with, so naturally, I had to ask Kathy’s expert advice. custodia iphone 5s principesse Next, I’m going to swap out the furniture in the living room with this furniture in the family room. iphone 5s custodia batteria More to come. custodia frida kahlo iphone 6s .

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Orphan blocks saga continues

First of all, I need to correct the name of the orphan blocks I showed yesterday. They are NOT Ohio Stars, they are Sawtooth Stars. In searching images on the internet, I was particularly inspired by this one.sawtooth-star-quiltI liked the layout, and I had most of the blocks already done. They were a bit of an odd size. They finished at 7 1/4″ square. The flying geese portion was 1 3/4″ x 3 1/2″, not your normal size. 9 x custodia iphone x I went through my stash and came up with fabric for 8 more blocks to add to the mix. dsc00976dsc00977 Must have some plaid!dsc00978And every quilt needs a spark of blue. dsc00979The center of this one is an oldie but goodie!dsc00980dsc00981And then a light star with a dark background. . custodia iphone acqua pesci .dsc00982something scrappy is interesting. custodia corsa iphone 5s . .dsc00983And finally, something with rather low contrast. Now I had to mix them all up and arrange them in rows. dsc00999 I arranged them in what I thought was a pleasing manor and sewed them together. Next, I auditioned setting triangles and came up with this nice black print.dsc01001Then I took it a step further and added a thin border of reddsc01002It’s looking good, but one final step, I went to my scrap basket and used only what was in there to create the final border, that in my opinion, MAKES the quilt.dsc01006Wonderful plaids and prints in the same colors used in the blocks. custodia iphone 7 rock That’s the secret! Repeat colors 2-3 times in the quilt and don’t get to “matchy-matchy.” Check out the back:dsc00938This is an OLD Hoffman fabric, but the colors are spectacular for this quilt. custodia iphone x basket It came in two pieces, but in order to make it fit the back I needed to seam it in five places. You can’t really even see them.dsc00937One of the seams was only to add 1 1/2″ to the bottom of the quiltdsc00936And you can see here, I didn’t have any too much extra! Now that’s cutting it close.dsc00945This is a close up of part of the border. Nothing goes to waste! I finished the binding with 4 different black fabrics. You don’t even notice. I was going to donate this to a charity, but now I think I have to keep it.

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The secret to using orphan blocks

My friend, Sally, gave me a bag of orphan blocks (blocks that had no home because they were left over or not too pretty) for my birthday. custodia antiurto iphone 5 I decided I needed to work on them right away, or they would be lost in my closet. custodia iphone 8 bmw I faced the challenge head-on. Here are a couple of the blocks she gifted me: dsc00939 dsc00940 dsc00941 dsc00942 dsc00943 There were a total of 31 blocks, equally as. custodia per auricolari iphone . custodia flip base x iphone 6 . custodia iphone 6 portafoglio foto ahmmmmmmmmmm, interesting. They were joined in two rows, 14 in one row, 17 in another. custodia iphone 8 mare What was I going to do with them? I figured I’d make a quick quilt and donate it to charity. custodia antiurto iphone 6s I went to the internet to find images of Ohio Star quilts, and there began my inspiration.

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